***Sponsorship Open!*** It’s time for our SEPTEMBER SPONSORSHIP!!!! And that’s right, it’s US!!!! This village, you, and the women and children of chester county that we’ve helped this past year. Do you realize what we’ve done in just 7 short months (with two of those on break)? We couldn’t believe it when we put it all together, so here you are… We took an idea and a handful of people and grew a beautiful community of over 1,400 villagers!! We raised over $2,800 in cash, and the equivalent of $2,500 in gently used goods to support 5 local organizations with similar goals!! We raised up threeRead More →

*This post was updated 8/29 1:11 with additional links from downingtown ex-pat and villager E.H. who is now living in Houston and gave a few additional grassroots links.* It Takes a Village is dedicated to bringing our community ways to give back and to truly ‘Be the Village’ to those in need. Right now Texas needs our help. The devastation from Hurricane Harvey is still ongoing as the storm dumps over 50+ inches of rain on the area. It can be very hard to know how to help in times like these…it’s far away, you’re not sure who to trust, you’re not sure what theyRead More →

We want to share some honest news about our Love Them BACK Packs project with you. One of our mantras is to always be transparent and vulnerable with you, our fellow villagers. You will only continue to trust us if we are truly trustworthy; by being authentic and honest in everything we do. It was our full intention to get the backpacks into the hands of foster children in Chester County. Our team worked diligently to make a connection with child youth services and worked every angle we could find. When it came time to make the packs in June, we still didn’t have aRead More →

Whew! It’s been a busy few months!! Summer always brings the sun and the bright, vibrant energy of a new season….it also brings 8,000 events, parties, fun things to do, vacations and general craziness, amiright? So, point being, we’re a little delayed with this update, but here it goes!! We had a FABULOUS time at our Love Them BACK Packs assembly party….make sure you scroll through our Instagram feed on our home page to see a few shots of the action. We managed to collect and create through everyone’s generous donations over 80 bags for children entering the foster care system in Chester County. TheRead More →

*** SPONSORSHIP CLOSED. This project concluded on our assembly party date, May 21, 2017. Please check back for updates as we distribute the bags collected!*** ***Update 5/3 – time and location change! Due to popularity, we are relocating to a larger space with easier parking: Downingtown Borough Hall, Annex Building, 4 W Lanc. Ave, new time 1pm-3pm!*** Alrighty folks! It’s here!!! Our May Sponsorship: Love Them BACK Packs! SO many of you have been SO excited about this one!!  We’re super happy to actually be able to pull it together. For that we have to credit our MANY wonderful Village Volunteers!! As those of you who haveRead More →