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Read below…this is EXACTLY what I hoped this Village could be here for…to support our sisters, our neighbors, our friends through the extremely difficult experience of parenting during hardship! Read below for Chelsea’s story, and see if you can help with her wish list!!

Chelsea is a hardworking single mother to a beautiful 6 month old daughter, living and working in West Chester. Chelsea successfully raised her first daughter by focusing all her energies on being the best young mother she could be, with hopes to see her baby girl graduate college. After seeing that very proud moment, Chelsea was finally able to focus on herself. Chelsea is an experienced CNA who works with the family of an autistic child. She had just started going back to school to get her nursing degree, when she was surprised by pregnancy. Although Chelsea was raised locally, her family comes from a different culture with stricter views and they did not support Chelsea’s choice of life for her new baby. Chelsea is a Christian and she embraced this surprise with acceptance and perseverance, but lost the support of her family and friends (and her first daughter) in the process. Chelsea is now going it alone. She gives her daughter and her client all she has, 24/7, and the exhaustion is becoming overwhelming. She’s increasingly isolated (as most mothers of babies find themselves) especially going into the winter months.

I know there must be many of you out there who know what Chelsea is going through. It doesn’t have to be this way…no one should have to go it alone. Below is a list of how you can help Chelsea & her new baby, and we welcome any other suggestions or thoughts you have…either comment below or shoot me a PM.


  1. Financial: Chelsea desperately needs a car that functions so she can keep her job and go to school. Her current vehicle is leaking oil from the engine and has been serviced several times – the last time the tech told her to find a new car, as this one will just drain her finances and can’t be fixed again. If this group accomplishes nothing else, if we can get Chelsea a reliable car…that would be a miracle. Do you have one you could donate? Or know someone who’s selling one cheap? It doesn’t have to be new – it just has to run a little longer than the one she has. In addition to trying to use this group to source her a car, the modest gofundme campaign will be used for title & tag transfer fees, or toward purchase, for whatever vehicle we can find her.
  1. Material: Chelsea says she doesn’t want much, but would love to speak with others who have been there (more on that below) and some help feeling better about her postpartum physique. Chelsea’s baby could use clothes and developmental toys (Chelsea has been wonderfully resourceful and made some home-made toys, but I’m sure we have some out there…), so:

– Infant girl clothes 9-12mo winter, 12mo spring/summer

– Ladies clothes size 10-12, Large tops, size 10 shoes (because feeling good in your clothes postpartum can make all the difference!)

– Developmental toys for infants/toddlers – books, play mats, exer-saucers, push toys, things that crinkle, clink or pop and will get the baby working towards those milestones…

*TO DONATE, comment below with what you can offer and I will PM you for donation instructions.

  1. Free: Prayer! Please pray that Chelsea finds strength, support and connection through this effort and pray for her family to reconnect with healing and love.
  2. Holiday Card Drive: Can you add Chelsea to your holiday card list and let her know she’s loved and not alone? Please mail any cards (and consider tossing in a $5 grocery or gas card!) to:


c/o It Takes A Village
PO Box 520
Downingtown, PA 19335

  1. Volunteer:

5A: If you are, or have been, a single mom with little support and can offer solidarity and support via phone, text or in person, please comment below and I’ll connect you.

5B: If you would be willing to be Chelsea’s ‘Village’ by babysitting, or visiting, or dropping off a meal, or offering health/fitness counseling for postpartum, or know of a single mom’s group that meets nearby, or have tips on the CNA to nursing path, or anything that resonates with what you can offer, please comment below.

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