An Update on STOCK the BOX!

An Update on STOCK the BOX!

We had an AMAZING turn-out for STOCK the BOX earlier this month!

We managed to collect over 10 totes full of food and personal toiletries, raised $175 for our raffle, learned all about organic gardening, received tons of children’s books for our boxes and our little volunteers, met so many of our kind hearted neighbors AND we painted our kids mural box! Scroll through our Instagram feed on our home page to see images from the event!!

What comes next?
Well, AGS and our fabulous volunteer fabricator Eric Luppackino, completed the remaining 4 boxes in the weeks following our event. Our artists are now doing their collaborative mural work through the month of April. Then, once the boxes are all complete, we’ll be dropping them off with the public works departments of our three wonderful communities; Downingtown, Caln and Coatesville for installation.

Where will they be?
Tentatively, we think they’ll be installed as follows (however, the municipalities have they final say on where the boxes land):

  • Box 1 – Downingtown – near the Lord’s Pantry for off hours access
  • Box 2 – Downingtown – site TBD
  • Box 3 – Caln (children’s mural box!) – Dawkins Park
  • Box 4 – Coatesville – Ash Park
  • Box 5 – Coatesville – Abdula Park

How will they be maintained?
Once they’re installed, our core team will do a ‘first stock’ with the donations received from our event. They will also check on the boxes twice a week (or more) to see how they’re being used, check for any issues, and restock. The boxes also have scannable QR codes so the community can notify us if a box is in distress.

So how can you help?
Once the boxes are installed, keep an eye on your local favorite! Swing by after your weekly grocery run and drop off a goodie or two. Just like the community can take from our boxes at any time, you can help fill them at any time!
If you want to be part of our elite STOCK the BOX warriors, if this cause falls especially close to your heart, shoot us an email at and we’ll add you to our special email list. Whenever we hear a box is in distress or needs some lovin’, you’ll get an email alert.


  1. Love this idea…thanks to all for making it happen. Can’t wait to start box tending and learning what’s most needed!

  2. This is wonderful you are all amazing.

    1. Author

      Thanks Laura!! You’re amazing too!! xo

  3. I wasn’t able to attend that day but I have several bags of donations. I was hoping to hear where the boxes are located by now… any updates?

    1. Author

      Hi Cheryl!! We were hoping the same!!! Unfortunately we had an issue with the paint on the first go round (a bad batch of primer started peeling off the boxes – no ones fault, just luck). AGS & Eric were infinitely kind and reprimed them all. Then the artists finished painting them last week (see our Wellness Live Video – click wellness above – to see a preview pic). SO, now they’re back at AGS getting finish coated and drying. We hope to have them in the hands of the townships within a week! Sorry to keep you waiting!!

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