Village Wellness LIVE 4/23 1pm – Online Yoga Class & Bone Broth How-to!!

Village Wellness LIVE 4/23 1pm – Online Yoga Class & Bone Broth How-to!!

As part of the Village’s commitment to ‘giving back’ of our own unique talents, our Wellness Team was pleased to offer another free LIVE-CAST on Sunday April 23rd!

Click here to watch the video on Facebook!

All of our Wellness Live Casts are offered on our public Facebook page, via LIVE feed, but also available for viewing later. You have many options on how to watch:

  • Join in LIVE that day by tuning in to our Facebook Page at 1:00pm on Sunday April 23rd – you’ll see the video streaming live and can comment and interact with Annawyn and Angela, well, live!
  • View the video on Facebook later, at your convenience! Live-casts are always saved as videos to our page, so if you can’t make it that day, just pop back when you can and watch ‘DVR’ style!
  • Not on Facebook? Enjoy the lesson from YouTube! After the LIVE-cast, we’ll also be uploading the video to our YouTube feed, so all of our anti-facebookers can tune in there the following day!

Here is a little more detail on the event from the original post/event invite:

Please join Angela Weaver NTP and Annawyn Laing E-RYT on April 23rd at 1pm from where ever you are while we broadcast LIVE from Habitat Studios. Angela will be teaching us how to make the nutritious Bone Broth that can be used as base for many healthy meals/soups and while that is cooking, Annawyn will lead the Village in a 20 minute Seasonal Yoga class that will be Beginner Style and will correlate with the Spring Season.

NOTES: You do not attend this event in person, this is a FREE ONLINE event, so will have the luxury of being where ever you are at the moment to participate during a LIVE video via FB feed. Don’t worry if you are not available at 1pm on April 23rd, because this will be available by recording after the event. So please feel free to get the list of ingredients listed below and grab your yoga mat and join us from your home during the LIVE broadcast OR just check back in later by recorded video for this free online yoga class and cooking lesson.

Please make sure you join the It Takes A Village group before April 23rd at:

What you will need for online Bone Broth cooking lesson:
•About a pound or two of bones
•Filtered water to cover
•10-15 whole peppercorns
•2 Bay leaves
•2 TBSP Apple cider vinegar
•A slow cooker or Instant Pot

What you will need for online Beginner seaonal yoga class:
•Yoga Mat if you have one (if not just a space on the floor will do)
•Comfortable clothing

Angela Weaver is a Nutritional Therapy Practioner with Awakening Your Vitality. Angela’s website:

If you have questions, please feel free to email!!

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