About Us

About Us

It Takes a Village is a grassroots community of positive minded individuals pulling together to support and empower the women and families of Chester County through encouragement, volunteerism and donations of our own unique talents and resources. Originally started as a Facebook Group, in just four months over 800 individuals have joined together committed to positively connecting and making a difference in our community.

Each month we organize to ‘sponsor’ one individual, organization or cause that benefits women and children in need through direct donations or community projects. We’re like a giving social club that’s free to join and all are welcome! Click the link(s) below to find out what we’re up to RIGHT NOW!

    Together we can create more genuine, empathetic, open minded and supportive connections between all of us, regardless of our financial situations, experiences or backgrounds. Sometimes helping each other doesn’t have to cost a thing because our love and good intentions are limitless and free!

    Be the Village and join us!

    Ways to get involved:

    • Are you on Facebook? Join our group! (It’s where the real fun happens!)
    • Not a Facebook user? Join our email list! (sign up on the right)
    • Donate your time or unique talents! Fill out our volunteer survey (click here!) and let us know how you can help! We’ll contact you when we have someone or something that fits your skills!
    • Tell your friends! Send them this website, invite them to the Facebook Group or just mention us in conversation…you never know when a simple word or share can connect someone in need with the blessing they’ve been looking for…