Sponsorship Closed

***OPEN until December 18th, 2017*** Alrighty lovely generous folks…our Village Adopt-a-Family program is here and we have just 13 days to make a difference in the lives of SEVEN families this holiday season! These Kennett Area parents are all raising families where at least one child has a severe behavioral health issue (autism spectrum disorders) and are barely scraping by. When we first asked these kids what they want for christmas we got responses like underwear, socks and a hairbrush. Let that sit a minute…underwear and a hairbrush for christmas…now grab a tissue and channel those tears into change and read on… OPTIONS TO PARTICIPATE: 1. Use the sign-up genius linked belowRead More →

***Sponsorship Closed*** It’s time for our SEPTEMBER SPONSORSHIP!!!! And that’s right, it’s US!!!! This village, you, and the women and children of chester county that we’ve helped this past year. Do you realize what we’ve done in just 7 short months (with two of those on break)? We couldn’t believe it when we put it all together, so here you are… We took an idea and a handful of people and grew a beautiful community of over 1,400 villagers!! We raised over $2,800 in cash, and the equivalent of $2,500 in gently used goods to support 5 local organizations with similar goals!! We raised up threeRead More →

*** SPONSORSHIP CLOSED. This project concluded on our assembly party date, May 21, 2017. Please check back for updates as we distribute the bags collected!*** ***Update 5/3 – time and location change! Due to popularity, we are relocating to a larger space with easier parking: Downingtown Borough Hall, Annex Building, 4 W Lanc. Ave, new time 1pm-3pm!*** Alrighty folks! It’s here!!! Our May Sponsorship: Love Them BACK Packs! SO many of you have been SO excited about this one!!  We’re super happy to actually be able to pull it together. For that we have to credit our MANY wonderful Village Volunteers!! As those of you who haveRead More →

As part of the Village’s commitment to ‘giving back’ of our own unique talents, our Wellness Team was pleased to offer another free LIVE-CAST on Sunday April 23rd! Click here to watch the video on Facebook! All of our Wellness Live Casts are offered on our public Facebook page, via LIVE feed, but also available for viewing later. You have many options on how to watch: Join in LIVE that day by tuning in to our Facebook Page at 1:00pm on Sunday April 23rd – you’ll see the video streaming live and can comment and interact with Annawyn and Angela, well, live! View the videoRead More →

***SPONSORSHIP CLOSED (for now). Goto our home page to see the latest goings on! Once we have the food boxes installed, we’ll update this post with instructions on how to help us stock them on an ongoing basis!*** STOCK the BOX!!! For our March sponsorship we are undertaking a community project!! Eric and Jess Lupacckino along with Rosaria Hawkins and Annawyn & Nathan Laing of Habitat Studios have all collaborated to bring us the IT TAKES A VILLAGE COMMUNITY FOOD BOX PROJECT!!!!! Similar to ‘blessing boxes’ these open access containers will be installed along the business Rt. 30 corridor from Downingtown, through Caln to Coatesville.Read More →