The lovely ladies with St. Anthony’s Women’s Auxiliary (SAWA) have voted to make It Takes A Village a yearly beneficiary of their support!!! We are so humbled and touched to have been granted this generous show of support for our programs and mission!   The ladies of SAWA meet monthly and sponsor many community events. Their 2014-2015 sponsorships include The Michael Bartone Memorial Fund, Teri’s Run, Bats for Matt, Strikeouts for Katie and the St. Joseph Parish Festival.  Donations were given to The Lord’s Pantry, St. Joseph Giving Tree, Helping Hands of Beaver Creek Elementary School, CMMD, the STA Banquet Hall and Bridge of Hope of LancasterRead More →

I take the train to my day job on occasion and the other day on a very crowded commuter train home, a young lady with an infant strapped to her chest sat down a few rows ahead of me. I remember thinking, ‘Wow, that’s a little baby, I bet she’s just back from maternity leave and decided to put the baby in childcare close to her work. Good for her, that must be so hard, I’m not sure I could have traveled with either of my infants like that, they would have cried…I would have stressed out…I’d have been so uncomfortable…”. As my inner thoughtsRead More →

*SPONSORSHIP IS NOW CLOSED – This sponsorship concluded in January 2017. To see our current sponsorship or project, head over to the home page!* OUR FIRST INDIVIDUAL SPONSORSHIP!!!! Read below…this is EXACTLY what I hoped this Village could be here for…to support our sisters, our neighbors, our friends through the extremely difficult experience of parenting during hardship! Read below for Chelsea’s story, and see if you can help with her wish list!! Chelsea is a hardworking single mother to a beautiful 6 month old daughter, living and working in West Chester. Chelsea successfully raised her first daughter by focusing all her energies on being theRead More →

For some #throwbackthursday fun, I wanted to reflect on our very first Village event….when a group of us met to assemble gift baskets for the mothers residing in the CYWA shelter in coatesville. It was our first real Village event! Putting together gift baskets weren’t a part of our original wish list, but that’s really why we love the power of social media! A very sweet and generous member posted posted ‘I was going to make some gift baskets for the mothers in the shelter, because I’m sure the children are all getting things they could use, anyone want to help?’ – and boom! SheRead More →

*PLEASE NOTE – THIS SPONSORSHIP IS NOW CLOSED. This sponsorship closed in December 2016, to see our current sponsorship, goto our home page!* It’s here my loves…#soexcited!!! DECEMBER SPONSORSHIP!!!!!!! Community Youth and Women’s Alliance (CYWA) of Coatesville!!! **Be sure to comment below to tell us how you helped so we can all celebrate!!** … The CYWA draws into membership men, women, and children of diverse backgrounds and faiths, that together they may gain personal responsibility, dignity, and self esteem to help eliminate poverty and improve the quality of life in our community. They operate a homeless shelter for women and children, over 40 community transitionRead More →